Arterial Dream

Gregory Dressler, Ph.D., Professor, Pathology,
Co-Director, Center for Organogenesis, University of Michigan

This is a section through a major blood vessel stained to observe the smooth
muscle (red) and a structural protein in the supporting basement membrane
(green). The cell nuclei are stained blue.

Judy Busby

This quilt is a rendition of Greg Dressler’s photograph of a
section through a major blood vessel. The background is
machine quilted with hand sewn embellishments that include:
Czech glass beads, Swarovski crystals, marbled beads and
embroidered French knots. Layers of tulle and satin fabrics
are hand sewn with raw edge appliqué. Leather and woven
cords are hand couched. As Greg Dressler and his fellow
researchers pass by this quilt, I hope they will feel the respect
and thankfulness I feel for their dedication and talent!

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