Åsa Kolterud, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

The colon is made of billions of flask-like structures called glands (shown in red).
In colon cancer, tumors develop from these epithelial cells. The green/aqua cells
in the center of this picture are part of the connective tissue. Many of these
cells are immune cells that function to protect the colon from invasive bacteria.
The immune cells and epithelial cells communicate with each other using soluble
proteins as messages. We are trying to understand the nature of this cellular
cross-talk. In inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis),
this communication is compromised and proteins secreted by the normally protective
immune cells damage the epithelial cells.

Paula Golden

Through the use of texture, I explore the duality of nature in
the work I create. Within the realm of each dimension, each
form is meaningless without an appreciation of its relationship
to its complement, whether it be of ideas, colors or images.
The connectedness to times past and present is an important
variable in my choice and use of materials. I call this piece
IBD. I-B-D, three simple letters, but the impact the disease
they represent (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) greatly alters
a person’s life. New medications, alternative mind-body
approaches and research offer promise for the future.

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