Green Feather

Maria Morrell, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
Cell & Developmental Biology, University of Michigan

Located at the lower back of the brain, the cerebellum is a fist-sized structure
that contains more neurons than all of the rest of the brain combined. The
cerebellum performs a variety of roles, controlling motor, sensory, cognitive, and
linguistic functions. In this section of a highly folded lobule, astrocytes (green)
support large specialized neurons, the Purkinje cells (red). The blue nuclear
staining illustrates the many cells present in each of the lobules. Cerebellar
neural stem cells are located next to the Purkinje cells.

Annabel Ebersole

This quilt is based on the photo of a lobule of the cerebellum,
enhanced with staining. The green astrocytes support the
large specialized neurons or red Purkinje cells. Neural stem
cells are some of the cells that are stained blue. The quilt
uses fabric and fiber to represent parts of the cells of the
cerebellum. Silk throwster’s waste, silk cocoon fibers, silk
Sari yarn from Nepal, glitter threads, cotton, rayon and silk
threads, stamp pads, paint, stencils, wool yarn, hemp string,
rubber string, metallic grid and various fabrics, both hand and
machine stitched, were used to create these effects.

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