FALE Logovinescapes

The Punch Line Exhibit

Each piece is 26" x 36". Our intent is to provide a little humor to perhaps lighten our viewer's spirit during serious days in our world.

This exhibit premiered at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in February 2009.

To read the artist statements, click on any picture or title.

A Funny Page?
Sandi Goldman

Get Down!
Barbara Hollinger

The Answer’s in the Dance
Christine Adams

Polly Unsaturated
Donna Marcinkowski DeSoto

Punch and Judy
Bunnie Jordan

Lazy Susan of Life
Annabel Ebersole

I Can See Russia From My House
Carole Nicholas

Thanks, Miracle Grow!
Judith C. Busby

'Twas Me First Day with Me Hook
Lisa Ellis

Punchline: the Joke is on Me
Paula Golden